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PHP programming

PHP programming

PHP has become one of the most used programming development technologies on the web today mostly due to php 5 and the support for advanced programming features available. Since php is the only language developed specifically for the web it makes perfect sense that it eventually has become the “go to” language for developers worldwide.

Ecommerce & Online Sales…

Selling online is something of a “must do” in the business world these days. Companies who miss out on the opportunity to make online sales usually do less business and are more likely to have financial problems with their business. Online sales and profits can be made much easier by choosing the right company to put you online, but it can also turn into a bad situation quick if you choose the wrong company to work with. We have many years experience in online sales and many happy (successful) clients that will vouch for us. Simply put, we are ecommerce specialist ready to put your business online and get you started making the sales your company needs. We also are ready to help you improve your existing website.

Custom Software…

The definition of custom software can vary depending on your needs and desires. Anything can be considered custom as long as it has some custom work done to it. Custom php software can be added into an already existing website, or the entire website can be custom designed from the ground up.

MSQL Database Programming…

Databases are one of the only ways you can store large amounts of data and access it with speed and ease of use. Mysql and php have always been a “match made in heaven” and over 90% of all php projects use at least one mysql database. If you need work done mysql and php then we are the company that you should hire.

PHP Content Managers…

Some clients want us to handle everything and some clients want to manage their own data. Content managers allow you to edit pages, upload images, post articles, products, categories, meta tags and just about everything else related to your website. Almost every aspect of a website can be managed using powerful content managers and a web browser.

PHP Frameworks…

PHP frameworks have become very popular recently due to their advanced security features, fast design time, bug tested code and many other reasons. Our framework of choice is Zend Framework and we believe it is one of the best available.

PHP Security…

Security can be a difficult concept for many php programmers to grasp and can take some time to learn how it all works. We have studied hackers and know what tricks they use, and that allows us to program very secure applications and block the malicious users before they even get started.

Javascript & AJAX…

Javascript and Ajax have turned the web into an interactive playground that allows users to interact with websites in a way that would not be possible without it. Ajax can save your website visitors time while also giving them a better experience while visiting your site.


In order to put a web application together correctly it is very important that the php programmer know how to use css, html and php in union to get the most power out of the application. Web standards can make or break your success on the internet and all to often people ignore one of the aspects of this. We take this very seriously and demand that all of our developers have an equally excellent command of these very important pieces to the puzzle.

Flash & Flex Applications…

Flash and flex can really make your website look and feel great, plus flex has opened a whole new area of applications that have a greater usability for everyone involved. Something about flex applications make people like them and I am sure once you find out about it you will like it also.

Adobe Air Applications…

Adobe air allows developers to build desktop applications that can be installed on your computer and communicate with the internet. Until recently this was possible but not as practical as we would have liked. Now it is easy and everyone can benifit from this new technology.

Website Design…

Website design encompasses everything about the web, from graphics to php programming. We got started in website design and still consider ourselves web designers.

Ecommerce & Online Sale
Custom Software
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